about us

profpic We’re a family of fiber geeks…

Woolgatherings is a family business – started by Sandy Sitzman over 25 years ago, and now continued by the next generation; her son Chris and his wife Kate.

kate sitzman

Principal dyer, and also a spinner and knitter. A lot of my inspiration comes from the colors and materials I would want to use for my own projects. I am an adventurer by nature – I love to experiment and try new things in my creative work, and in my life in general.

“woolguy” chris sitzman

Technical support provider, logistics operative, tractor driver and postmaster. Chris also makes mad delicious blueberry jam.

“twisted mom” sandy sitzman

Founded Woolgatherings, and still does a bit of dyework from time to time. Check out her blog to keep up with her comings and goings.


p.o. box 1794
duvall, wa 98019
e-mail: info@woolgatheringsfibers.com

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